Carrollton Child Support Lawyers | Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton Child Support Lawyers | Carrollton, Texas:

Our Carrollton Child Support Lawyers of the Davis Legal Group, PLLC now offer a "Do It Yourself" Child Support Enforcement option for those wishing to enforce child support in Texas.  Our Texas licensed child support attorneys have developed a DIY tutorial with the legal forms you need to successfully obtain back child support or currently court ordered child support that you currently do not receive.  

We have learned that although the court may mandate that child support be paid to a party in a suit, often times, the ordered party does not hold up their requirement.  This causes many children to go without the necessary funds that should be provided for their benefit.  Sadly, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is so backed up that even though they technically have the authority to require the non-paying party to pay, they do not have time or resources to go after each individual across Texas and enforce the court-madated requirement.  However, our attorneys now give you the chance to intervene on your own behalf and enforce the back child child support, as well as currently required payments and support obligations.     

If you wish to learn more about our Child Support DIY option, visit today!


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