What is the difference between civil vs. criminal law?

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Two types of laws exist in the United States, civil and criminal.  There is a plaintiff who initiates the complaint, and a defendant who defends against the complaint in both cases.  Some complaints may have both criminal and civil components.  Many times when a Dallas County assault and family violence charge commences, civil and criminal components merge and clients may have to hire Dallas County Criminal Lawyers to defend against such charges collectively.  It's important to hire a Dallas County attorney who has experience with both civil family law as well as criminal defense law.  Finding an attorney who has experience in both realms may be challenging.  However, should you find an experienced attorney who has handled many types of cases dealing with family and criminal issues, you will probably find that it's much more cost effective to hire one attorney with experience in both civil and criminal law versus attempting to hire on two independent attorneys, one to handle the civil family legal issue and the other to handle the criminal allegation.

In a civil case, the plaintiff (i.e., the wronged party) is obligated to show evidence demonstrating that, more likely than not, there was a violation of civil law.  Most civil cases are decided by a judge.  you will want to hire an Addison family law or civil attorney who is familiar with the judge who will be hearing your case.  If the Dallas County Criminal Lawyers have a good repertoire with the judge, it will more than likely benefit you more.

Potential penalties in a civil case may include monetary damages or orders from the court to do or stop doing something.  Often in family law cases, the placement of children and a party's ability to maintain or be awarded primary conservator of a child is at risk.  Make sure your Addison family law attorney is experienced handling temporary order hearings and has a good courtroom presence.  I recommend sitting in on hearings in which the attorney you are considering to hire is representing other clients.  You will get a feel for that attorney's courtroom presence, quick thinking skills, and relationship with the judge.

In a criminal case, the plaintiff is the government, because crimes are viewed as offenses against the state. The defendant is the person accused of committing the crime.  Often times, Dallas County Criminal Attorneys can work with the district attorney's office on getting you a plea before your case goes to trial.  you will need to speak to an Addison Criminal Defense Lawyer about your options based on the facts of your case.

In a criminal case, the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a significantly higher burden of proof than in civil cases.  Criminal cases are often decided by juries, and penalties may include monetary damages or time in jail.  Typically, juries are tougher on clients than are judges in criminal cases.  Therefore, if your attorney is able to help to secure a plea arrangement with the State, it could be advantageous in the long run.  However, sometimes the State will not want to plea out a case, which will result in you going to trial.  You and your attorney must determine whether to request a trial by jury or a bench trial after detailing the facts of your case.  Dallas, Texas | Addison, Texas | Carrollton, Texas



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