Dallas CPS Lawyers | Dallas, Texas

Dallas CPS Lawyers | Dallas, Texas

Our Dallas CPS Lawyers of the Davis Legal Group, PLLC fight hard to protect your family from the allegations that a Dallas child protective services office can bring forth on you or a family member.  Our criminal and family law attorneys of Dallas believe that your family should come first and realize how important it is to remove any allegations against you or your family.  We want to protect you and have experience working with families to maintain control over a loved one when CPS becomes involved.  

If you have already been contacted by CPS or know that allegation may be pending against you, call our Dallas child protective services attorneys right away at (469) 910-0085.  If CPS shows up at your door and you answer, remember to be polite but do not let them in without first consulting with a CPS attorney as to your legal rights and remedies.  

Contact our child protective services in Dallas, Texas at (469) 910-0085 or learn more about how we can protect your interests at https://dfwlawfirm.net.

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