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Davis Legal Group, PLLC is a Texas-based law firm with offices in Dallas, Denton, & Collin Counties.  Although the firm resides in the Dallas Metroplex, the firm offers uncontested divorce options and child support enforcement guides/tutorials throughout the State of Texas.  

Nicholas A. Davis is the owner and manager of the firm, building up his own practice with clients from around the State of Texas in the areas of Divorce, Family Law, Assault Family Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Criminal Law & CPS Defense.

The Davis Legal Group is a family owned and operated law practice focusing on clients desiring independent legal strategies that come from honest, trustworthy attorneys.  We believe in being upfront with each client and will give you realistic expectations about your case and what the probable outcome will be.  We offer reasonable flat fees on certain cases as well as cost-effective retainers to begin a case.  Should you wish to schedule a FREE case evaluation with our Dallas CPS Attorneys, Family Law, or Criminal Defense Attorneys, call or email us today at (972) 424-6800.


How We Are Different

Purposeful. Personalized. Poignant.

Purposeful: The Lawyers at Davis Legal Group provide purposeful solutions that benefit the client.  We believe that clients should pay for results-oriented attorneys and resolutions rather than being billed for every correspondence or attorney meeting.  Our time is spent purposefully on each client and on their specific needs to ensue a quality resolution.  We do NOT believe that a client should walk away broke from attorney fees without anything to show for it.  We are dedicated to producing an end result that is in the best interests of our client at a cost effective rate. 

Personalized:  Our Dallas Divorce Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys provide a hands-on approach to client solutions, giving each client personalized representation at an affordable rate.  We believe that clients deserve to speak directly with an attorney and work through strategies together, rather than treating clients like they are a part of a milled organization that acts like clients are just part of the herd.  We strive to take the time to get to know our clients on a personalized basis by choosing only the clients we feel will best benefit from our legal strategies and representation.  Our clients feel satisfied knowing that they are able to speak directly to our lawyers throughout the legal process from start to finish.  

Poignant:  Our Dallas Attorneys make an impression each and every time they walk into the courtroom. Known for our courtroom demeanor and presence amongst Dallas, Collin, & Denton County judges, our lawyers provide poignant arguments to judges and juries alike.  Standing apart from other firms, our attorneys develop legal strategies based on the best interests of the client while maintaining a vested, emotional stake in each and every outcome of a case.  



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