What if I have become a Target of CPS?

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As a Plano Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Specialist, I frequently represent clients who are also involved with child protective services allegations.  In most cases, the stories of clients who are now the target of CPS are similar.  Clients come to me baffled by how they are in the position that they are in, when they are good parents who care deeply for their children.  Getting on the CPS radar, especially in Collin County, is extremely easy.  A phone call from a nosey neighbor who “thinks” she hears arguing next door or a small scratch/bruise on a child caused by simply playing and being a kid can be the cause of a report made to CPS.  CPS generally takes each allegation seriously and will be following up with a report within a matter of a few short days.  Obviously, there are times when CPS allegations are merited, and a child should be removed from a harmful situation.  As a Plano Divorce Lawyer and Assault Family Violence Attorney, I have also served in termination proceedings and have fought to obtain a safe home environment for children by having the grandparents or other family member obtain the rights to such children, rather than having them sent to foster care and live with people they do not know.  Certainly, there are times when that is a last resort, but I fight to keep children with their parents and/or a family member if at all possible.

Should you be the victim of a CPS allegation, I strongly urge you to contact an attorney immediately.  Should CPS come to your house and ask to enter, I would begin recording them immediately, if possible.  Do not allow CPS into your house at that point.  Ask them what the specific allegation is and when it was made.  Then tell them you will be happy to cooperate but are unsure of your rights and would like to speak with an attorney first.  You can request that should they speak with your children in the future that they record the conversation.  CPS generally has a policy of recording the conversation, but you can ask anyhow.  Often, CPS goes to a child’s school and can interview them without your knowledge.

Try to stop CPS at the door or do not answer the door.  If no one answers, they will leave a note.  Consult with your attorney first and allow your attorney to schedule any needed home visit.  If you do answer the door, remain polite and non confrontational.  That way, you do not seem contentious yet you have an opportunity to call an attorney who will then step in on your behalf and help you through the process effectively.

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